Order early for your November display and make the most of our fantastic firework deals and discounted bundles. See our firework videos in HD to help you decide and get the best fireworks for your budget with no disappointments. We stock a full range of fireworks in store for sale for any event, from small garden fireworks to larger display fireworks. Save loads with our bulk pack deals on sparklers and ice fountains. Make the most of your cash by getting a massive discount on fireworks with our firework display combo packs, saving you money off the normal prices and order early to get your free fireworks saving you even more. For those of you wanting less noise, we stock a large range of low noise fireworks that still have the WOW factor with stunning colours and effects to please the eye.

Firework Emporium, 627 Foxhall Rd, Ipswich, Suffolk. IP3 8NE. Tel: 01473 729600
The Firework Emporium is a part of the Dynamic Fireworks group 


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